Erlich Law Firm Secures $600,000 Settlement for Whistleblower in UC Berkeley Ethics Violation Case

May 28, 2024

Berkeley, California – In a significant victory for whistleblower rights and ethical conduct in public institutions, Erlich Law Firm announced today that it has successfully negotiated a $600,000 settlement for a former University of California, Berkeley employee who was terminated after reporting a manager’s acceptance of unlawful gifts and meals from a vendor.

The settlement comes after the employee raised concerns about a UC Berkeley manager who was involved in approving $6.8 million worth of contracts and subsequently accepted gifts and meals from a vendor, in direct violation of University of California policy and California state law.

In a statement released by the Erlich Law Firm, wrongful termination attorney Jason Erlich underscored the importance of the case: “This settlement not only represents justice for our client but also serves as a reminder of the vital importance of upholding ethical standards in public institutions. Whistleblowers should be commended, not punished, for their courage in exposing wrongdoing.”

According to the firm, after the employee reported the unethical behavior through the appropriate channels, including the UC Berkeley ethics hotline and to his superiors, the university allegedly retaliated by terminating his employment a few months later, in clear disregard for the protections afforded to whistleblowers under state and federal law.

Erlich Law Firm, which specializes in employment law and whistleblower cases, took on the case, advocating for the rights of the employee against the powerful institution. Through skilled negotiation, the legal team was able to secure a settlement that reflects both the economic and non-economic damages sustained by their client due to the alleged wrongful termination.

The outcome of this case highlights the ongoing challenges that whistleblowers face and the critical role that legal advocates play in ensuring that individuals who speak out against corruption and unethical practices are protected and compensated for their actions.

The settlement also serves as a warning to public entities and employees about the repercussions of disregarding ethical guidelines and whistleblower laws, emphasizing the costly consequences of such behavior both in terms of financial impact and reputational damage.

Erlich Law Firm’s success in this case reaffirms its commitment to defending employees’ rights and upholding the highest standards of legal integrity and ethical accountability in the workplace. The firm continues to be a staunch advocate for those who risk their careers to ensure that the public interest is served and justice is upheld.

This settlement is not just a victory for one individual but a stern reminder to all employers that whistleblower protections are integral to a fair and just society.

Erlich Law Firm has more than 20 years of experience in holding employers accountable for their illegal actions against the people who work for them. If you believe your rights at work have been violated, you could potentially be entitled to damages from your employer.

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