Sommers Schwartz Pursues Investigation into Misconduct Allegations Against Late Priest Father John G. Hughes

Sommers Schwartz Pursues Investigation into Misconduct Allegations Against Late Priest Father John G. Hughes

Jun 13, 2024

Detroit, Michigan – Sommers Schwartz, PC, a prominent litigation firm based in Detroit, Michigan, is actively investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against the late Father John G. Hughes as stated in the Michigan Attorney General’s report released on October 22nd.

In a shocking revelation, an 18-year-old male had disclosed in a letter addressed to Bishop Noa in 1965, that Hughes subjected him to repeated sexual abuse during his tenure at American Martyrs School and Church in Kingsford, Michigan, spanning the late 1950s and 1960s. The heart-wrenching details revealed by the victim included acts of sodomy and other deviant behaviors, all committed during his formative years, beginning from his time in 5th grade.

The diocese, despite initial dismissive responses, acknowledged the credibility of the accusations against Hughes. To further compound the issue, in 2007 when the victim confronted Noa, he was met with disbelief and denial, as the Bishop was unwilling to accept any criticism against a priest. The lack of immediate action raised serious questions regarding the handling of such sensitive issues within the church.

The Michigan Attorney General’s report has shed light on a critical issue that has remained in the shadows for far too long. Hughes, who passed away in 1979, left in his wake a trail of devastation that continues to impact the survivor and potentially other unidentified victims.

The Michigan clergy abuse attorneys at Sommers Schwartz are determined to pursue justice for the victim and others who might have suffered similar abuse. The firm has a strong track record of helping survivors of sexual abuse, having recovered millions from high-profile predators such as Dr. Larry Nassar—Michigan State University and USAG team physician—and Dr. Robert Anderson, who sexually abused students, athletes, and other patients for over thirty-five years at the University of Michigan.

Dana Nessel – Michigan Attorney General
Report Released October 27, 2022

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