Todd J. Leonard Law Firm Secures $1.5 Million Settlement for Car Accident Case

Todd J. Leonard Law Firm Secures $1.5 Million Settlement for Car Accident Case

Mar 5, 2024

Morris County, New Jersey – The Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, a highly esteemed personal injury law firm in New Jersey, is pleased to announce the successful resolution of a serious car accident case. Led by Senior Litigation Associate, Paul G. Paravati, Esq., the firm has secured a substantial settlement of $1,500,000, which represents the full insurance policy limits available.

The case involved a husband and wife who were severely injured when their vehicle was rear-ended by another motorist at a stoplight. The collision resulted in a herniated disc for both individuals, necessitating surgical procedures for each. Despite the defendant’s insurance company’s contention that the incident was minor and caused only minimal damage to the vehicle, the legal team at Todd J. Leonard Law Firm pressed on.

Through prompt legal action, including filing a suit, the defendants were compelled to offer their full policy limits. As a result of the firm’s unwavering pursuit for justice, both clients will receive an equivalent share of the settlement, amounting to $750,000 each.

The significant settlement underscores the firm’s revered position within the Morris County community, bolstered by a 35-year track record in handling serious accidents. The accomplished team of car accident attorneys at Todd J. Leonard Law Firm consistently demonstrates relentless dedication in navigating complex legal matters and a strong commitment to achieving the maximum possible settlements for their clients.

The Todd J. Leonard Law Firm takes pride in delivering a satisfactory resolution for their clients in this complex case. The firm reiterates its commitment to advocate for every client’s rights, ensuring fair and maximum compensation. Their consistent dedication to legal excellence continues to solidify their esteemed reputation within Morris County and beyond.

The Todd J. Leonard Law Firm is dedicated to doing our best to provide outstanding personal injury representation following all types of serious accident cases and wrongful death claims throughout New Jersey. Our New Jersey accident lawyers have represented thousands of injured clients and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation.

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