Woods Lonergan Secures a Jury Verdict for Their Client in an Employment Wage Case

Jan 16, 2024

Manhattan, New York – The litigation team at Woods Lonergan PLLC secured a favorable jury verdict for their client in a recent federal trial in Manhattan on July 26, 2023. In the Southern District of New York, Andreas Christou, Esq., an Associate at Woods Lonergan, prevailed at trial and won judgments totaling $245,000, including the award of attorney’s fees, on October 27, 2023.

The client was the Plaintiff in the lawsuit, Abouelmakarem v. MSSMINJA INC. et al., and made claims he was employed by two businesses over six years and was owed a significant amount in unpaid wages, including not receiving the mandatory minimum wage and overtime pay.

A federal jury determined that the Defendants violated state and federal labor laws by not paying the Plaintiff the legal minimum wage, and overtime pay that he was owed. The money judgments were issued against both the corporate defendant and the two individual owners, who are personally responsible to the client for payment.

The verdict not only punished the corporate entity but also held the two individual owners personally accountable for the unpaid wages, emphasizing their direct responsibility to the client. This ruling is a stark reminder of the legal obligations businesses and individual employers have under state and federal labor laws and underscores the gravity of wage violations against their employees.

Woods Lonergan PLLC remains at the forefront of corporate and employment law, ensuring that both corporations and individuals meet their legal and ethical responsibilities to employees.

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